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PayCluster is the fastest growing online platform for revenue management, payment disbursement, merchant services and agency banking.

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PAYCLUSTER MyBusiness helps business owners provide online merchant services that are needed around their immediate communities. The merchant registers and becomes an agent of change within the community and at the same time enjoys financial standard book-keeping history of all transactions for potential loan acquisition and stock refinancing.


PAYCLUSTER YourBank helps to bring banking close to the consumers who are financially excluded or have minimum banking access and making collection/disbursement services available directly to these beneficiaries. Agents will have clustered services that can be leveraged upon by Government, Donor agencies, Commercial Banks, Micro-finance Banks and Mobile Money Operators.

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Payabeg is your friendly and secure online platform that helps you quickly buy everyday items and pay bills. Just pay if you are in a hurry to buy stuff or quickly register if you want to keep track of your past payments. Kindly visit us at

About us

PayCluster Technology Ltd is the best in breed Financial Technology and Payments Solution Provider that brings imagination to reality by providing a robust and secure platform by which large, medium and small businesses can be created and made profitable using available resources, all for the benefit of the consumer. Paycluster technology rides upon the platform of Central Banks, licensed deposit money taking banks, mobile money operators and payment switches/gateways accredited nationally and Internationally.


To provide a Revenue Management Platform which creates an avenue to bridge the gap between the banked and un-banked by bringing monetary service access to customers in far and remote areas and providing basic to medium financial products like merchant payment, depositing, withdrawing, paying bills/taxes, receiving pension/loan/credit facilities, salaries and government grants.

We will partner with financial institutions and regulatory bodies to bring together 3 key components that will make online merchant service and agency banking service a reality;

-Technical and financial service expertise & experience.
-Operational end to end adaptation of secure merchant payment and agency banking ecosystem.
-Customer Centric service

-Regulatory bodies like CBN, NIBSS, SMEDAN, NDE, BOI, BOA etc
-Financial Institution like Commercial Banks, Micro-finance Banks, Mobile Money Operator, Payment Card Schemes, Payment Switches and Payment Gateway Providers.
-Aggregator Agents that want to build a large network of agents of their own under the Paycluster scheme and carry out float management.
-Government, Agents, Bill Payment Providers, Utilities and Merchants who have services to offer the customers.
-Customers who will be registered (KYC) to utilise the Paycluster platform.

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